Talavera Tiles – Charming Hand-Painted Designs

Antique-design campesino tilesThis is just a sampling of all the various designs and patterns of Talavera tiles that our property has throughout the main house, casita, and exterior areas.  They are all hand-painted designs on clay tiles; all the imperfections add to their beauty!

It’s difficult to pick out my favorite tiles, but these are right up there!

fanciful bird tilesThese interesting tiles come from antique designs.  They form a shelf on the beehive fireplace in the living room.

A close contender for my favorites are these fanciful bird tiles that we installed around the curved opening of the beehive fireplace in the master bedroom.

4-tile pattern tiles in kitchenThese tiles we used in the kitchen form a pattern with four tiles, and we installed them on a diagonal.  But they also work well on their own, which is shown on the backsplash.kitchen backsplash tiles

Running Tiles Around Kitchen CabinetsAlso in the kitchen are these continuous-pattern tiles that work well on the supports around the lower cabinets.

Bathroom geometric, bird and fish tilesIn our master bathroom we used a geometric design tile with colorful accents, Fish and Bird Tiles in Master Bath Showerand with bird and fish tiles in the large shower area and around the sink area.

Hall Bathroom TilesThe hall bathroom has cheerful yellow tiles with coordinating trim tiles and turquoise edge pieces.

Spare BR Bath Tiles and Matching AccessoriesThe spare bedroom bath has turquoise field tiles with a coordinating edge tiles and matching bathroom accessories.

There are lots more Talavera tiles – in the art studio, casita, on stair risers, etc. – that you’ll have to get glimpses of in other pictures!

To get all the details of our house for sale in beautiful Ajijic, Jalisco, in the mountains of central Mexico on Lake Chapala, visit www.casamosaica-ajijic.com.

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  1. Well, this is very much interesting indeed. Would love to read a little more of this. Nice post. Thanks for the heads-up.

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